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Straight Talk ZTE FLAME Z667G

Straight Talk ZTE Flame Z667G

A cheap ZTE Android, physically it looks a lot like the ZTE Merit, the Straight Talk ZTE Z667G surely will be under $50 when it comes out.

Straight Talk ZTE Z932L

I like this ZTE Rapido smart phone, mainly because of the 8 Megapixel camera, would be nice to see what the photos are like, looks like a cool phone to has some decent specs so should be a popular phone when it gets to Walmart. Also it is a LTE phone so you going to get some decent speeds from this phone too.

Straight Talk Unimax U671C

This Straight Talk phone will no doubt be dirt cheap the Unimax phones are pretty nasty to use, the funny think about the Unimax U671C is that it looks a lot like the LG Thrive that came out on GoPhone a few years ago, so if you liked that phone here is a cheap look alike. The manual looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word.

Straight Talk Alcatel A845L

Straight Talk has heaps more phones on the way including this one that is a pretty basic looking phone that we estimate will be under the $100 mark. By now most people have used a smart phone, and have heard of Straight Talk so maybe this phone may not be appealing but at the price we have estimated it will be a better investment than the bendy iPhone 6, naturally the specs are not up to par with this phone compared to other phones these days, but if you’re looking for a basic phone, this might be worth a shot.

Update to our Straight Talk phone section the Alcatel Onetouch Pop is another Straight Talk phone that you might see in store. Unlike the other Alcatel Onetouch Mega this one isn’t LTE from what I can tell. I have attached the manual below.

Windows 9 Possible Return of the Start Menu

Microsoft is going to reveal Windows 9 to the world, the successor to the embattled Windows 8 and 8.1 OS at a Windows Event on September the 30th in San Diego.

The rest of us fortunately don’t have to wait with several screenshots leaked on the web of the updated user interface.

Tech News Helps Distract from Real Issues

Lots of hacks this week that in my opinion are to distract us from what is really happening in the world, like Govt. involvement in the Middle East.

How convenient that we are distracted by things like the “5 Million Gmail accounts and password leaked” and the “iCloud fappening” and other bull like the latest Apple phone and watch that do nothing more than existing phones and watches that are already on the market, sorry Apple boys… nothing new there.

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iPhone 6 Popularity Comes Down to the Beiber

Anytime a new iPhone is due to be released there is always a feeling of excitement and speculation about what the latest phone will be like, this isn’t so mcuh the case however with the pending iPhone 6, no one seem to give a darn compared to the past.

Sure the typical tech news companies are posting stuff of little importance like leaked manuals, storage specs and other nonsense to get traffic… but that’s their business to find stuff. 

Google Hacked to Show Russian Car Crash

This morning searching for Emmy or Obama even news would produce the following images in search results:

Google Hacked to Show Russian Car Crash

Whether it was a glitch, a hack or the NSA playing games no one has any information on what has caused this. Years ago crap like this would happen all the time, but these days it is always considered a hack of sorts. Google hasn’t commented on the issue that went back to normal around 1000hrs Central.


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