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It has become apparent that Straight Talk has moved over all its phone models to the GSM network which is AT&T. The change has been very slow but you will be struggling to find any CDMA models in Walmart now.
All the latest new on Straight Talk touch screen smart phones. Samsung R810 Finesse discontinued touch screen smartphone.

Microsoft has taken a last ditch attempt at having a place in the smart phone market this time with Windows Phone 7 basically a mask over its failed Windows Mobile OS. Microsoft has taken to trying to win customers over by synchronizing the phone with online services including xbox live services. To date Microsoft has fail to grab enough users of mobile operating systems to stay commited, with customers moving to easier to use devices such as Nokia's Symbian OS, Apples iPhone OS & the revolutionary Android OS.





Jail Break Freedom IPhone, it's now legal

Jail Break your phone and feel no guilt what so ever!!! it's totally legal according to:

Microsoft's death rattle, a death caused by the Mac  Linux world infestation

For many years we have seen the come and go of big name brands inside the Technology industry but one name that most would have never predicted is the collapse of Microsoft Corporation. The amazing Microsoft  empire and 90% world domination of computer based operating system software and office suites would seem unmovable, but it seems as of 2010 some like myself see an end to the software giant in close proximity.


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