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LG 237C

Tracfone LG 237C, a CDMA flip phone. Very basic but high quality for the price. Not much you can say about a phone that is nothing new to flip phones. I personally love flipping open these phones, smart phones don't have that feeling.

Net10 Huawei H871G

This Huawei Magna Android Phone from Net10 is availble online or at Walmart, seems like a pretty solid phone for $100 with its Quad core CPU, the screen is 4" that seems to be the main let down but you can't expect to much for the price.

Tracfone Alcatel Onetouch A206G

Who says they don’t make flip phones anymore? Here is a new Flip phone coming out on Tracfone and its brands. It will be a cheap phone, initial price around 30 bucks then will come down to $10. So if you want a phone for what it is made for, that being taking phone calls this is the one to grab.

Straight Talk Huawei H350L LTE Wireless Gateway

Straight Talk has a really cool LTE home router is coming, this device has it all. Using the AT&T LTE network this device has 4 LAN ports for wired computers (Which I personally still use) Wi-Fi and a VoIP port which I am going to guess is unlimited knowing Straight Talk. This device is the complete home solution network replacement. I will be interested to see if it has the same plans as the other home devices using the Hotspot service plans. Another thing I really would like to know is the price.

Straight Talk Customer Service

If you have ever called Straight Talk 800 number or chatted with them on the website, there is one question they have great difficulty answering. That question is “What is support like?” they simply can’t answer this question. Is this because there is a lake of support? anyway here it goes:


Jessica: Hello! I’m a Straight Talk Mobile Specialist. Are there any questions I can help you with?

You: I am looking at getting this phone

Straight Talk $35 Unlimited Plan

We got an email today  from someone who noticed a new $35 Unlimited plan on the Straight Talk website and they took this screenshot and sent a link, In the * conditions it says Straight Talk 500MB of high speed then throttled, however the page wasn’t there when I checked, so I don’t know if this is a fact or a hoax.  
If this is real then it will give Republic wireless a real run with their $35 plan.
No more information at this stage, we will keep you’ll updated as news comes to hand.

Straight Talk Refurbished Phones Review

The idea of a refurbished phone to some people might sound a little risky, it is true that you're never 100% sure of what you’re going to get. I want to explore the refurbished phones that are offered by prepaid brand Straight Talk and see if they are good value and is it worth taking the risk? or is there absolutely nothing to worry about?

Straight Talk ZTE Midnight (Z768G)

Adding this phone to our database, it just happens that this phone is free (refurbished) at the moment with the purchase of a recharge card. So good deal if you want a backup phone right, because you have to purchase a recharge card anyway if you’re with Straight Talk. Free shipping too. Get the deal here ZTE Midnight Refurb for FREE when you purchase an Airtime Card Starting at $45

Straight Talk LG Optimus Fuel (LG-L34C)

Not a new phone but we just added it to our database of Straight Talk phones, we have being playing a bit of catch-up getting out phones up-to-date. This is a basic phone, you can get it at Walmart or online now here: LG Optimus Fuel

WONTEK CES 2013 Camera on Ebay

Want a piece of history? Also a powerful Camera, well there is 2 days to bid on the Sony HXR-MC2000U 64 GB Camcorder that we used at CES 2013. As you can probably tell Wontek doesn’t do videos anymore so we are saying goodbye to some great gear that we don’t use anymore. This camera has some great specs so if you’re in the market for $2000 camcorder going cheap… Check out our ebay page here



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