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Alcatel POP Icon 2 LTE (A846L) more info coming.

Alcatel POP Star 2 LTE (A521L)

Another, yes another phone. Why does Straight Talk have so many darn phones?

Huawei Pronto LTE (H891L)
Another cheap LTE phone from Huawei, adding to Straight Talk’s growing collection of LTE phones.
ZTE Lever LTE (Z936L)

ZTE Lever LTE more info coming

LG Sunset (LG-L33L)
Another LTE phone for Straight Talk fans, this LG Sunset is a nice looking phone. It is interesting to see that the styling of this phone is remnant of the LG Phoenix or thrive that came out years ago.
Alcatel Pop Nova LTE A520L

The LTE phones have been popping out everywhere lately here a little Alcatel Pop Nova LTE A520L from Straight Talk that would have to be around the $50 mark. A good entry level Android smart phone.

Windows 10 Free Download?

Microsoft has been battling piracy since the day that it purchased DOS and started marketing it. So Windows 10 should be no different right? Wrong.

MacOS 7.0.1 Emulator

Macintosh Computers were popular to many back in the early 90’s and if you ever used one back in the day, you will remember what it was like to use a computer with a pretty cool GUI that has stayed on MacOS even up until now. When I was at school $10,000 was forked out to get one of these Macintosh Plus system that every student (500+) students were supposed to use.

Huawei Raven LTE (H892L)

This Huawei Raven LTE is a pretty kick butt phone check the specs out below, as with many of the Huawei phone the specs are high, but the quality might not be up to par. Still in any case I think this phone will be a good seller. Just the fact it is a LTE phone is pretty cool, shame there is no unlimited data anymore!

Straight Talk LG Power (LG-L22C)

Equipped with Android 5.0 the LG Power (LG-L22C)is one of the latest batches of phones to come out on Straight Talk. This phone is nice but has lower specs than expected. A 5MP Camera at the rear of the phone will be ok for those looking for a basic camera also it has a VGA  0.3MP Camera at the front. This phone will be one of the first to have Android 5.0 Lollipop installed, so that might be enough for some.


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