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Samsung Galaxy Camera review

Samsung Galaxy camera is a point and shoot camera developed by Samsung electronics. Samsung Galaxy camera has a 4.8 inch screen display, 1.4 GHz Quad-Core processor, voice control. The camera runs on Android 4.1 operating system called “Jelly Bean” and has Wi-Fi support and 3G / 4G connectivity. Samsung Galaxy camera is a 16.3 mega pixel camera with 21 X optical zoom. With this awesome zooming capability user can get a close view of any object. It has all the basic features like image stabilization, self timer, face detection, smile detection etc.

 Sony RX-100 Review

If you are looking for a small compact point and shoot the Sony RX-100 makes a great choice.


Quality is as you would expect from a 1 inch sensor compact camera, with clear images even when viewing the 20 megapixel images at 100%. The lens is a fast Carl Zeiss with a 1.8 aperture at the wide end, this means that it works great for indoor shots. The lens has a zoom level of 3.6x and this is over a 35mm equivalent of 29 – 105 mm when shooting in 16:9.