Phone Accessories

in1case Review
Picture this, you have something stuck in your teeth and you’re that first date or another impressional outing! What do you do! There's no tooth picks around and you don’t want to start playing with your teeth! Well thank goodness you purchased the in1case for your iphone, and have many different tools available at your disposable. There are just too many times that these tools come in handy, you take your phone everywhere so why not turn it into a multitool tha...
Flat Battery! Noooo… Ever been in this situation when using your cell phone? If you answered yes like the majority of us, then you will want to keep reading. Introducing the FatCat Powerbar a portable battery charger that can take a device such as your phone and give it a charge, it can even power the device while it charges. Sounds too good to be true right? Well I am dead serious! This device is on the market right now and can be purchased from reputable de...
A quick video review of the Body Glove phone cover on a Samsung Exhibit II, these are a reasonably priced phone covers that will protect your phone from falls on to hard surfaces. This particular phone cover is from Walmart. We are going to review more accessories in the future to try to help people know which ones are good and which ones are just plain rubbish.

The Bondi is a cool new accessory that makes it so easy to hang your smart phone in the home, office or even at the Gym. There are many uses for the Bondi so check out: for more information.