iPhone 6 Popularity Comes Down to the Beiber

Anytime a new iPhone is due to be released there is always a feeling of excitement and speculation about what the latest phone will be like, this isn’t so mcuh the case however with the pending iPhone 6, no one seem to give a darn compared to the past.

Sure the typical tech news companies are posting stuff of little importance like leaked manuals, storage specs and other nonsense to get traffic… but that’s their business to find stuff. 

Apple Finally Takes Responsibility for old iPhone5 Battery Problem

Apple’s flagship smartphone the iPhone has been plague with problems since its release to the public especially in relation to batteries and signal levels. 

Apple has defended many of the problems sighting the issues as being normal function, or blaming the customer for various things like the way they were holding the phone etc... Typical pass the buck nonsense that many companies will do to avoid a mass recall of defective products.

Apple granted FCC patent for new iWatch

Apple filed a patent for the iWatch (iTime) back in July 2011, and it has been finally granted today. Looking at the design it already looks like a lot of Android smart watches that are on the market today. It may be a case of too little too late for Apple with a shift in popularity already moving to alternatives. Sure Apple makes great products, MacBook etc.. but popularity was bound to die over time nothing can be popular forever.

802.11ac Wireless to Debut in 2013 Macbooks and Other Apple Items.

Apple intends to bring what is known as “Gigabit WiFi” to its computers (possibly its iPads and iPhones) this year. Gigabit Wi-Fi allows you to receive up to 1.3Gbps, known as “1.3 Gigabits per second” – a speed that would make 2013 computers the fastest ever on American Wi-Fi networks. Currently, American users can receive “megabits per second” speeds on public and private Wi-Fi networks. If 802.11ac comes to Apple products, we will see Internet speeds triple from what they are now. Not only is 802.11ac excellent Wi-Fi because of its speed, but also its network non-interference.

Ipad 2 Review: Was It Worth It? I’d Still Say YES

Arguably, it was the launch of iPad 2 that started the craze more that the entrée of the original iPad in the market. The second generation sent the note to the world that tablet invasion is here to come. True enough, other brands followed the trend. Samsung released S Series, tons of Android tablets were sold and Kindle instantly became the second best selling tablet globally.

I am one of the many firsts who gave into the tempting package of iPad 2 in 2011 for $499. I initially fell for the lightweight gadget that is mere 100 grams and its sleek design.

Straight Talk iPhone 5 Review

Straight Talk iPhone 5 is a  latest version of touch screen based smart phone developed by Apple Inc. iPhone 5 is slimmer than the previous versions of Apple iPhones and it is also longer with a display of about 4 inches. The design of iPhone 5 is superb and mind blowing which includes a taller screen and metallic back. iPhone 5 is available in two colors – Black (Black and Slate color) and White (White and Silver color). The available capacities in iPhone 5 version are: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

What is it about these neat little iPhone devices that are outdated technology when they hit the stores, that makes people pitch tents in anticipation of getting one?

It might not make sense to people that actually understand technology as to why people can’t resist the iPhone.  To put it in simple terms, it’s just hype, and you have got to give it to Jobs rotting corpse he really did leave a legacy in physiological marketing tactics.

Apple had claimed that HTC had infringed on the

If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner, then you have probably had to put the mental picture of how your phone was manufactured far away in the back of your mind, and no one would blame you. Given the disgusting working conditions endured by under paid staff working at Foxconn and Apple’s other miserable factories in China.

Microsoft's death rattle, a death caused by the Mac  Linux world infestation

For many years we have seen the come and go of big name brands inside the Technology industry but one name that most would have never predicted is the collapse of Microsoft Corporation. The amazing Microsoft  empire and 90% world domination of computer based operating system software and office suites would seem unmovable, but it seems as of 2010 some like myself see an end to the software giant in close proximity.