Tracfone LG840G Review
The LG840G for Tracfone, is defiantly their best so far, and is the first phone to feature 3G and WiFi. The phone has a strong design and feels really good quality. The price is what you would expect for a top of the line Tracfone device, and will make the current top phone the LG800G seem like junk. A few things that are maybe are not obvious to some people, the phone is not an Android, and will not play Youtube or any other streaming media. Even if you did have this ability it would waist all your minutes in no time. The phone appears to be operating on the T-Mobile network, which is typical of many GSM (sim card) phones. The 3G will make the Tracfone service noticeably faster when using email or the browser. The social networking software application that is installed on the phone is called SNS it is an all-in-one for connecting to Twitter, Facebook and myspace. The screen on the phone isn’t a high resolution, you can see the pixels but for a Tracfone, it is better than other phones previously.