NET10 Samsung R451C Cell phone review


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NET10 Samsung R451C

The new Samsung R451C from NET10


This new CDMA phone from Samsung has a great QWERTY keyboard.



  • Bluetooth
  • 2' LCD screen
  • Full slide out QWERTY Keyboard
  • CDMA (No Sim card)
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera
  • MicroSD Slot
  • MP3 Player
  • Picture manager
  • Voice commands
  • 64MB Internal memory
  • TXT/Picture message
  • Speaker phone
  • 2.5mm Headphone jack
  • 3.7Volt Li-ion Battery 3.55Wh
  • Web-Browser
  • Operates on Verizon network

Ok here is an honest review, of the R541C.

The phone is very neat 2' x 4.25' and 0.6' deep, fits very well in the pocket, the QWERTY keyboard buttons are a good size & are easy to type with. The Internet browser can only be used when the keyboard is slid out. The browsing is html & images with some Javascript, there is no flash or other imbedded objects.

The Internet access is slow  CDMA X1 (it's not 3G) but it's very relieable.

Score: 9/10

NET10 Samsung R451C Manual Download

TIP: to use these Characters .!?,-'"()@#:/$%&+*;<>=[]_{}~`^|\

On the QWERTY keyboard Press the "fn" button to bring up 123, then press "soft2" a small menu will come up on the right use the down arrow and select option "3 #!@Sym" this will allow you to insert extra extended characters.

You can't block someones number on this phone.


Guide to make your own free ringtones on NET10 Samsung Phones!

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My child and I had this phone for a year and changed. Beware if you text even moderately the keys will ware through the rubber and stop working. I am not a heavy texter either. Also donot plan on keeping this phone in your pocket even with baggy clothes it will damage it. My teen went through 2 of them just taking it to school in pocket. It damages the slider mechanism some how and also they keys even with key board locked. I watched the phone dial random numbers by itself and once while in pocket it wasted an entire minutes card by doing this. For the cost I think it is a rip off. The internet is horrid you cant access most things cause it says not a recognized trust worthy site. Screen is so small that you cant view most pics you find on net anyway and the lay out when site can be accessed is bad bad bad. Phone coverts it to other format and you cannot search or click on most icons. Just a warning from a mom who wants a working phone for herself and child(we each had the same) this phone model is NOT it. One plus is I traveled across US and the reception is good. Even on old country roads I didnt lose service hardly ever compared to some brands. My mothers Android was worse than this phone as far as reception believe me we tested them many times.


can you record with the samsung r451c