Straight Talk Unlimited International


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Straight Talk Unlimited International

Straight Talk has been known for its great deals over time, but I am guessing this will have to be the first time anyone has offered International unlimited Straight Talk Unlimited willl be restricted to landlines within most countries, but they will have unlimited to Mexican cell phones for a trial period. At $60 a month for the Unlimited International calls, this is going to make a lot of people happy that don’t want to use services like Skype or other voice call systems.



Lobo (not verified)
Hi Trinda


Hi Trinda You can input your fiance's phone number (of Lagos) in the straight talk website to check if its available: Although if I were you I would give them a call to be sure before spend any money. Cheers!
Trinda Kemp (not verified)
International call to Lagos Nigeria


I have a fiance in Nigeria working and he always call me and i would like to know is this international calls include this country also. Thank you
rose (not verified)


I would like to know if I can call to Haiti if I buy the $60.00 a month international calling card? My husband is in Haiti & I would like to know if this new card will let me call him? Pls let me know asap. Thank You Please call me at 5072710509
Fernando (not verified)


Would this work when your in another country like Mexico?