Straight Talk Huawei H881C uncovered.

Straight Talk Huawei H881C


Dave Won.


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Straight Talk Huawei H881C

More and more phones coming to Tracfone’s Straight Talk and Net10 Brands. This time the Huawei H881C that has appeared on FCC filings, under FCCID: QISH881C. This Android phone will use Verizon’s network. As far as a release date goes I would imagine that will be 4 or 5 months away after the FCC filing.

Here is a link to the FCC files:  Huawei H881C FCC

Interesting read if you understand the results.  Thanks Sweeper for your research.

  • Android OS
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ERD
  • Verizon CDMA
  • MicroSD
  • MicroUSB data/ Charging
  • Batteries:
  • HB4W1 : 1700mAh
  • HB4W1H : 1750 mAh