Straight Talk drops Verizon for AT&T


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It has become apparent that Straight Talk has moved over all its phone models to the GSM network which is AT&T. The change has been very slow but you will be struggling to find any CDMA models in Walmart now. There are still a few CDMA models on Straight Talks website but it is clear they have been phased out. Suspicion arose when the Samsung R810C Finesse was dropped. There hasn't been any new CDMA models in over a year. So when we talk about Straight Talk's coverage now it is a totally different ball game. As the transition to the GSM takes place, as phones die and get replaced etc. We can no longer say that Straight Talk is on the best network in the country. As there is no stats public on how many customers are using GSM/CDMA phones we can only guess at this stage that it must be around 50/50.

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