CES: Straight Talk Huawei W1 H883G Review (Out now)

After Daniel checked this phone out at CES it has finally been released on Straight Talk as predicted. This is a pretty cool phone, and has started to show up in some Super Walmarts during the week.

CES 2013 the Straight Talk Huawei W1 the first Windows phone from Hauwei and the first Windows phone for Straight Talk, Great phone has a great feel, is sure to make a lot of people happy.

Straight Talk Huawei W1 Review


Wells that's nice but all these new Straight Talk phones seem to be for AT&T and nothing for Verison for Smart Phones other than $600 - $700 iPhones with limited capped data. And now Straight Talk has even taken away anything close to a Smart Phone in my area. The Samsung S outdated Showcase. Latest the outdated tiny screen Blackberry. In a rural area forget having anything nice with Straight Talk.

I am having trouble adding the mms apn for this phone and was wondering if you knew how to do it. I have looked at the straight talk website but have had no luck. Thanks in advance.

Go to this location on the Straight Talk website for instructions on the APN settings for data an messaging:

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