Straight Talk Coverage Map


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These maps are only approximate, to get the latest coverage map look at the Straight Talk brochures at Wal-Mart.

Straighttalk Coverage Map

Fig.1 Straight Talk CDMA Coverage Map (Green is service area)

This map in fig.1 shows the coverage is that of the Verizon CDMA network which is the network used for Straight Talk CDMA Models.
Straight Talk GSM Map

Fig.2 Straight Talk GSM Coverage Map (Green is service area)

The Map in fig.2 is the AT&T Network which is used for the GSM handset models.

When it comes to Straight Talk coverage maps, we are talking about three major networks depending on which phone you are going to get or have. The most common network used on Straight Talk Phones is Verizon but there are also some of the more high-end phones using AT&T and Sprint.  Check out the Straight Talk phone reviews page for more information on what particular models are using. Typically, Straight Talk will add a letter at the end of the phone model to depict the network that is used. (C) Verizon (S) Sprint (G) AT&T (also t-mobile sometimes)



Judy (not verified)
Straight Talk coverage


I used to have T-Mobile and could not get any service at Beaver Lake, AR or McDonald County, MO. I switched to Straight Talk (ATT service) I now get good coverage in both those areas. I live in Jacksonville, FL and have a very limited selection of phones that use ATT. Model # must signify (G) or (GSM) to assure ATT service. I ordered my phone from Straight Talk online. I am extremely happy with Straight Talk and it is a much better value for the money spent.
Carole (not verified)
Re Samsung T528g


Your Samsung phone is a GSM phone and will work off of AT&T- CDMA phones use Verizon. You can tell by the letters T528G- which means GSM, and the T for AT&T. That's what my ST and Net 10 work off of- AT&T, plus my AT&T go-phone. All 3 work off of the AT&T towers/network, and I live in a rural mountainous area getting great reception everywhere around her within a 200 mile radias. I can't wait to find out about other areas when I am able to travel further.
alicia (not verified)
I have red pocket and I love


I have red pocket and I love it
best deak (not verified)
flashing phones


Can u use a Verizon phone for straight talk
hutchhog (not verified)
excesive data use


What is considered excesive?
Anonymous (not verified)
question * if i get a


question * if i get a unlocked lg optimus 2x unlocked will it work on at&t or will it work on sprint?
Jared (not verified)
AT&T To Verizon


You are unable to bring your AT&T phone to Verizon. It runs on GSM, while Verizon runs CDMA. If you sign up on contract for verizon you can get a good deal on a phone. Depending on the area you are going to, there are several good dealers to go to. What area are you going to be moving to? Samsung Stratosphere would be the best phone to meet what you have at the point. Email me at for more info
Chris (not verified)
GSM phones


Will Straight Talk's GSM phones transition seamlessly between att and tmobile towers?
Anonymous (not verified)
you will have to switch your


you will have to switch your phone to one that uses Verizon towers. you can't do it any other way with straight talk phones.
Burt (not verified)


I live in a pocket where AT&T is the only carrier that gets reception. Do you have a service that uses the AT&T system?